Exterior Home Maintenance

To request a quote for any work you need doing, please fill in the form to the right. Please be assured that I take great pride in my work, and I never leave a job until it is perfect. You can find reviews on the homepage.

I have experience doing groundwork, as well as building sheds, fences, etc etc. I’ve done a lot of pointing up, and refreshing brick work. I’ve done roof repairs on sheds and houses. I’ve done gutter cleaning, repairs, and I’ve fit new guttering and new fascias. I’ve replaced rotten window ledges, painted window frames, doors, sheds, fences, fascias and exterior house walls.

Whatever work you need to be done, chances are I will be able to do it, or I will know a person who does. And no job too small!


General Pricing Guide

For outdoor work, I generally give a quote for the job, rather than give a daily rate. This makes it easier as I often have to work around the weather, and you will know that you won’t be paying for the time I spend hiding from the rain.

As a guide I will quote based on how long I think the job will take, based on somewhere around £80 – £120 per day, with a minimum charge of £20 for small jobs. If you have a basic job like wood staining etc then you will likely be on the £80 per day rate (depending on where you live). At the extreme of digging up drives etc, the rate will be £120 per day.